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Slim Aarons, real name Georges Allen Aarons, enlisted in the American army at 18. He became a photographer at the West Point military academy and then a reporter during World War II. Regarding his participation in the conflict, which nevertheless awarded him a medal of honor, Aarons simply says that the only beach worth landing on is

the one “adorned with lovely semi-dressed young girls, peacefully sunbathing in the sun.” From 1950 to 1980, he became a Jet Set photographer and devoted himself to representing Hollywood glamor and luxury. The characters are exclusively celebrities, photographed in

luxurious setting, often around a swimming pool, in their own home. He built his career by photographing only "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places."

In 2002, he told The Independent newspaper: 'I knew everyone, they invited me to their parties because they knew I wouldn't do them any harm. I was one of them.'


Photography: “Poolside gossip”


In 1946, famous architect Richard Neutra built this desert house in Palm Springs for E. Kaufmann. More than 24 years later, Slim Aarons photographs the villa from the pool side. The composition is entirely structured around a single vanishing point located between the two silhouettes at the end of the pool. The photography is supported by parallels and perpendicular lines seem to cite the modernism of the dwelling. (1970)

Slim Aarons' photographs are presented in partnership with Getty Images, the parent archive of Slim Aarons.


The photograph is like new, on the back is the certificate of authenticity. It is sold with its black metal frame in perfect condition like new.


“POOLSIDE GOSSIP” is an authentic work by AARONS SLIM.

published by the YellowKomer gallery in limited edition and out of print.

This photograph is numbered: 2103/5000


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