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Their common passion:"Art".

As a couple for 15 years now, Kevin and Sophie decided in 2022 to share their passion by offering for sale

limited edition photographs, paintings, art glass, books, and miscellaneouscollectible art objects. 

"Initially great collectors and art lovers, we

today we experience great pleasure in sharing our works

of art. Each selected work brings out the notion

beauty, arouses emotion, and allows you to immerse yourself

into an imaginary world and brings us

hasreflect on the world around us,

about the passing of time, about the

differentworking techniques and mediums used."

Kevin Feutry photographer, participates in numerous

exhibitions and was winner of the magazine's annual competition

PHOTO in 2022, and Sophie Feutry Sery painter

also passionate about photography, all collect

two rare photographs, paintings, lithographs but

also exceptional sculptures and works of art.  

"We see art as a way to freeze time, to move,

to tell stories in order to travel through his

imagination and history, because art is intrinsically linked

to history, he has the gift of freezing it, thanks to art, we

let's not forget, we are improving, we let's practice a

introspectionand we dream.

Art is necessary for our development and we hope

                that sharing this common passion will give you

                                         the well-being that this passion  brings us." 


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