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Very beautiful “Coq Nain” model paperweight from Lalique France. 

-Molded and pressed crystal cock with matte and shiny satin finish.

-Signed "Lalique France" under the base.

-Model created on February 10, 1928.


Features :


Height: 21 cm approx.

Width: approximately 14 cm

seat: approximately 6.5 cm

Weight: 1,295 Kg so it is quite heavy;


Condition: It is in good condition, there are 2 chips, 1 on the top end of the cock's tail and below at the back of the cock, no cracks, it is despite these chips, which cannot be seen immediately,  in very good condition because everything else is very well preserved, some scratches from use under the seat. (please look at the last photos for the defects indicated)

Lalique Marc Lalique - Paperweight (1) - "Dwarf rooster" - Crystal

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