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Very beautiful and rare screenprint of Death NYC which represents Kate Moss with Paris in the background, on thick 300 gsm paper.

Size 32X42 CM. 

Signature of the artist in pencil.

Limited edition A/P.

year 2020.





Death NYC is a New York street artist whose popularity is only rising.

Growing up in New York, she was exposed to a wide variety of cultures, which led her early on to question the things she saw on the streets. This experience is essential in the choice of his artist pseudonym and his approach.  Death prefers to remain anonymous because it allows him to maintain his freedom to work on the streets. In his early days, Death painted on the walls and floors of popular stores in the Soho and Chelsea neighborhoods. His pseudonym is actually an acronym for "Don't Easily Abandon The Hope", which often misleads the public, especially when the artist writes his slogan "Death is free" in the streets.  In his work, Death seeks to ridicule the media by hijacking images from popular culture. One of his best-known works is the depiction of Mao Zedong with a pink bow in his hair and pink lipstick.

“Kate Paris” by Death NYC

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