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Large rare and out-of-print silver photographic print by Romina Ressia.

Framed in a dark wood-colored American box.

Title: Coke

Edition: from the original work of the artist edited by YellowKorner.

Condition: Excellent condition (like new)

Numbered and limited edition (500 copies)

Certificate of authenticity on the back.

Size 90 X 60 CM with dark brown wooden box.

More photos on request.




Born in 1981, Romina Ressia is originally from Argentina where she has lived and worked as an independent photographer since the age of 25. She has a degree in economics and is also trained in art and fashion photography, as well as artistic direction and production. An author of photographic portraits with pictorial inspiration and captivating originality, the photographer was quickly spotted thanks to social networks and received numerous requests from the prestigious Vogue Italy magazine. She was therefore immediately propelled into the world of fashion through a myriad of publications and international exhibitions.

His creations are then exhibited in Milan, Buenos Aires and New York.


Drawing her inspiration from the painting of old masters from the 14th to the 17th centuries, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Rembrandt and Vermeer, Romina Ressia composes her photographs like a painter constructs a painting. Through the precise study of compositions and decorations,

she appropriates the representation codes of yesteryear. She nevertheless distinguishes herself by working through a very contemporary and personal approach, integrating scenic elements of daily life into her photographs which ostensibly disrupt our reading or them.

Considering photography as a unique means of expression, the artist raises questions or a social and behavioral nature by combining the past and the present in surprising and

creative way. The artist asks the question here: "how would someone from the Renaissance period behave in today's society?"


This photograph is developed by a professional laboratory and carefully checked.

Rare large format framed “Coke” by Romina Ressia / Yellowkorner

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