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Magnificent and rare LARGE FORMAT film photograph (60 frame in perfect condition, some small marks on the edge of the frame (see last photos). (SOLD OUT)

Developed by a professional laboratory and carefully verified.


Of Ukrainian origin, Ruslan Lobabov is one of the most influential photographers in Eastern Europe. Born in 1979, he specializes in portraits and female nudes in black and white. His mentor is the non-conformist artist Helmut Newton, initiator of what he described as "chic porn". He draws his inspiration from cinema and fashion, producing erotic shots where the bodies of sensual women are shamelessly exhibited under his keen eye. The models thus represent a certain form of feminine freedom immersed in the atmosphere of the 60s, shaking up established codes. He was the winner of the International Color Awards in Beverly Hills in 2015.

Each image of Ruslan Lobanov is a magnificent nude and the accompanying staging is very sophisticated. 

“Banana shake” by Ruslan Lobanov Yellow Korner print

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